The Photography of Kevin Caudill

I have received several emails asking how I began photographing male nudes.  It began and remains today just a hobby for me.  I have always been interested in photography, and began taking photographs in my early teens.  I began by taking color photographs of vacations, holidays, landscapes, and trees.

Several years ago, while living in Michigan, I attended two Black & White Photography courses conducted by Monte Nagler, a professional photographer who lives and works in the Detroit area.  I had always had a preference for black & white, and had a desire to learn more about it.  It has proven to be a great way to spend both time and money.

I photographed my first male nude in January of 1997, and the photos on this page resulted from that first shoot.  The model was someone I met over the internet, and keep in contact with even today.  He trusted me, I trusted him, and the situation just worked.  The light source in the first photograph is a small canister light sitting in the floor shining back against a blank white wall.  I have since upgraded my lighting equipment to include actual photographic studio lighting. hr-02.jpg
I have been contacted by guys who are interested in having photographs taken for their own personal use.  Some of the guys are just beginning work out routines, or perhaps just achieved the results they were looking for, and want that captured on film.  Others just want images to share with their on-line friends.  I have done several shoots of that nature, and can provide scanned copies of the images as well.

If anyone is interested in having personal photo shoots done for purposes such as these, I have put together a pricing structure I use.  For shoots such as these, I retain no rights to the usage of the images.  The model retains full rights to the images, and they will not be used by me for any purpose.  If you are interested in a personal photo shoot such as this, just drop me an email, and we can discuss it further and schedule a shoot.